Webinar vom 28. September 2023 (auf Englisch):
«Insights: Sustainable tourism destination development project in Indonesia»

Einblick von Swisscontact in die internationale Zusammenarbeit (IZA) anhand des Sustainable Tourism Destination Development Projekts (SUSTOUR) in Indonesien

About the webinar

This webinar shares light on the Sustainable Tourism Destination Development (SUSTOUR) Project in Indonesia. It is the third pillar of the Sustainable Tourism Development Indonesia (STDI) programme financed by SECO. The project is implemented by Swisscontact and jointly led by SECO and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MTCE) of the Republic of Indonesia. SUSTOUR aims to foster inclusive and sustainable tourism development in the destinations of Flores and Wakatobi to strengthen their long-term competitiveness. The rationale for the SUSTOUR project is the need of awareness and capacity development at destination level and to facilitate better inclusion of and benefits for the local population. The project duration is from August 2018 to September 2023.

Sustainable Tourism Destination Development (STDI)

Tourism is an important part of the Indonesian economy and a significant source of employment and foreign exchange earnings. Recognizing the potential of tourism as driver for economic development and inclusive growth, since 2009, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) has actively supported the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (MTCE) to strengthen the competitiveness of selected tourism destinations.

About Swisscontact

Swisscontact is an independent, non-profit foundation established in 1959 by exponents of the Swiss private sector. Its development work focuses on private sector-led, sustainable economic development with improved quality of life for all in developing and emerging countries. A key focus is to strengthen the skills of individuals and foster the competitiveness of companies. 


  • Portrait Ruedi Nuetzi, Swisscontact

    Ruedi Nuetzi

    SUSTOUR Project Manager / Swisscontact Country Representative

  • Portrait Christian Pallmer, Swisscontact

    Christian Pallmer

    STED Technical Advisor (Swisscontact, recourse person)

Webinar von Swisscontact am 28. September 2023
Webinar von Swisscontact am 28. September 2023


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