Webinaire du 14 mars 2023 (en anglais):
«Sustainability as the future we choose»

Inputs de Clara et Holger de TOURISM IMPACT sur l'importance de l'état d'esprit par rapport à la durabilité

About the webinar

This webinar offers an empowering approach to the complex topic of «sustainability» to provide clarity and direction in the broad field of sustainability in tourism. Clara and Holger illustrate the crucial role that future images and mindsets play and how we can really live sustainability instead of just talking about it. You will leave with a sense of optimism and the courage to take small steps while staying true to yourself in the vortex of expectations and measures. 


TOURISM IMPACT – that's Clara and Holger. They combine solid practical knowledge from tourism with the latest findings from science. They support you, your team, or your organisation for a greater positive impact. In their keynotes, they like to share good examples. In their seminars and workshops, they enable you to develop approaches for desirable futures based on a comprehensive understanding of sustainability. Along the journey, they accompany you strategically in projects or in the planning and implementation of measures. Clara and Holger understand sustainability as an overarching principle. They don't believe in sustainability as a concept or USP but as a mindset, management approach and business model.

Webinaire du 14 mars 2023 (en anglais)

Input de Clara Gulde et Holger Sigmund de TOURISM IMPACT

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