Swisstainable Financing FAQ

See the FAQ below to learn all about the Swisstainable financing.

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How much are the annual contributions per company?

An overview of the annual contributions can be found in the chart below. The present prices have been adapted to reflect the diversity of the businesses taking part in the programme (various service providers such as hotels, tourism organizations, cable cars, etc. from different regions of Switzerland) and are intended to ensure that the Swisstainable programme can continue to be managed professionally and further developed.

The pricing model is staggered based on the level. This has been worked out with three considerations in mind: On the one hand, the time required for the registration process within the Swisstainable office is lower for companies at Level II – engaged and Level III – leading. On the other hand, businesses at Level II – engaged or Level III – leading have already invested in a sustainability certificate. Furthermore, the pricing model is also intended to provide an incentive for further development within the programme. The prices below apply per farm and are set according to the time of the official classification.

Annual contributions


Level I – committed

Level II – engaged

Level III – leading

Annual contribution standard

CHF 300

CHF 250

CHF 200

Annual contribution micro-entreprise

(1-10 employees/FTE)

CHF 150

CHF 125

CHF 100

Annual contribution member*

(20% discount)

CHF 240

CHF 200

CHF 160

Annual contribution micro-entreprise member*

(20% discount)

CHF 120

CHF 100

CHF 80

* Direct membership of one of the following Swisstainable partner organizations applies:
GastroSuisse, HotellerieSuisse, Netzwerk Schweizer Pärke, Parahotellerie Schweiz, RDK, Schweiz Tourismus, Schweizer Alpen-Club SAC, Schweizer Reise-Verband, Schweizer Tourismus-Verband, Seilbahnen Schweiz, Swiss Snowsports, Verband öffentlicher Verkehr, Verband Schweizerischer Schifffahrtsunternehmen, Verband Schweizer Tourismusmanager:innen, zooschweiz

For consolidated registrations we grant a price reduction of 10% to groups.
Contributions in CHF excluding VAT

Why are there now annual contributions?

The Swisstainable programme has developed steadily over the past two and a half years, and awareness of the programme and the brand behind it has also increased significantly. Participating companies are benefiting from more and more services and greater professional support within the programme. From 2024, Swisstainable will no longer be able to count on additional funds from the federal government (Recovery Programme) that were granted for the years 2022/2023. In order to be able to offer the programme in the long term, the partner organizations behind the programme have committed to paying a substantial annual contribution. In addition, however, it is necessary for the companies taking part in the Swisstainable programme to also make their financial contribution to the success of the project.

From when do the annual contributions apply?

The Swisstainable programme was offered free of charge for the first two and a half years. The annual contributions will apply from January 2024.

When will the annual contributions be charged?

Establishments that have already been classified will receive the first invoice in the first quarter of 2024. For all other establishments, the annual contributions will be due at the time of classification.

How are the annual contributions billed?

Billing is done annually via digital invoice to the contact person stored in the programme, based on the billing address provided during registration.

Will the amount be adjusted if I change levels as a business?

The staggered pricing model is also intended as an incentive to change levels. If a company changes level within the programme, this will be taken into account in the following annual invoice.

How can I benefit from a price reduction as a company?

If your organization is a member of one of the programme's partner organizations, you will benefit from a 20% price reduction. Direct membership in one of the following Swisstainable partner organizations applies: 

GastroSuisse, HotellerieSuisse, Swiss Parks Network, Parahotellerie Schweiz, RDK, Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Alpine Club SAC, Swiss Travel Association, Swiss Tourism Federation, Cable Cars Switzerland, Swiss Snowsports, Association of Public Transport, Association of Swiss Shipping Companies, Association of Swiss Tourism Managers and zooschweiz.

If you make a consolidated registration of several companies, you will receive a price reduction of 10%. 

Important: The price reductions for members and groups can be combined. However, the price reduction for members will only be credited once (even if a company has a direct membership with several partner organizations at the same time). 

What requirements do I have to meet to benefit from a group discount?

In order to benefit from a price reduction for groups, you must register several establishments in a consolidated manner via the Swisstainable office. We are already aware of classic examples from system catering, holding structures or hotel groups here.

Do you run a company and you would like to register several establishments in your business structure with Swisstainable? Please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be very pleased to assist you with the registration process.

The Swisstainable sustainability programme is supported by the following organizations:

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Romy Bacher

Leiterin Nachhaltigkeit

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