We bring tourism into politics

The Swiss Tourism Federation keeps the political authorities and circles informed about current topics.

It takes a stand in current issues and provides community relations to call attention to the importance of tourism as a branch of the economy.

Important topics

What Switzerland draws on the values of tourism

We demand optimal framework conditions for tourism

The Archive of STF Opinions since 2010

The positions of the STV at a glance

We are currently involved with

The political activities of the STF 

We represent the interests of tourism and its service providers. We find our counterparts in politics, the authorities and the general public. We want to  

  • increase our international ability to compete
  • continuously improve the quality of tourism

Where market-based solutions result in the distortion of competition, the STF supports the promotion of tourism by the government, the cantons and the communities. The STF takes a stand on current issues related to tourism. 

The STF works closely with the members of the federal parliament who are interested in tourism. It runs the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Group for Tourism PGT.