The STF - the important actor for tourism

The tasks of the STF

  • We coordinate the concerns of the various tourism stakeholders
  • We represent their interests towards politics, authorities and the public
  • We are active partners in the creation and further development of training in tourism

The Swiss Tourism relies on political and administrative support. We ensure that the outstanding importance of the tourism industry for the Swiss economy and Switzerland as a business location is recognised and acknowledged. 

STF = Switzerland Tourism? No!

But of course, we work together hand in hand and pull on the same rope. 

  • The Swiss Tourism Federation (STF) is the national umbrella organisation of the Swiss Tourism. It was founded in 1932 as an association under private law under the name «Schweizer Fremdenverkehrsverband». Since 1991 it is named Swiss Tourism-Federation. The STF is financed by membership fees and cost-covering services.  It uses the proceeds again in the interest of its members.
  • Switzerland Tourism (ST) is a company under public law and acts on behalf of the Swiss Confederation. It was founded in 1917 as «Schweizerische Verkehrszentrale» (SVZ) in order to promote tourist travels. Since 1995 it is called Switzerland Tourism (ST). 

Switzerland Tourism is committed to 

  • the processing of the tourism market with appropriate marketing measures within Switzerland and the international markets. 
  • promote tourism demand for Switzerland as a travel, holiday and congress destination. 
  • the development and coordination of joint campaigns with market partners. 

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