A 20-year success story with a clear future perspetive

The quality seal, initiated in the 1990s, was triggered by a sharp decline in overnights in Switzerland. Research showed that it was caused by the following: high prices, lack of hospitality, growing competition and new guest needs.

A quality seal in Swiss tourism

The tourism industry responded and an unparalleled joint programme was introduced in 1996. The major tourism organisations wholeheartedly committed to provide quality in tourism and support the quality programme of Swiss tourism.

In cooperation with the Research Institute for Leisure and Tourism (FIF) of the University of Bern and Frey Akademie AG, Zurich, the supporting organisations developed the Q programme. SECO, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, agreed to provide financial support.

In November 1997 the Q programme was launched on the occasion of the International Trade Fair for the Hotel, Catering and Takeaway Industries (IGEHO) in Basel.

Vision of the future: simple with more flexibility

The supporting organisations have unanimously decided to consistently adjust the Q programme to the challenges of the future. Because of the experience over the recent successful years, the programme continues to be enhanced and parts of it will be revised to ensure that it optimally conforms with the changing requirements of the operations and the market.

In the process, the Q programme is expected to become leaner, more flexible, more current, more exciting, more process-oriented, more open and greener.

This ensures the extensive advancement of quality, now and in the future.

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