The Quality Programme offers your business many advantages

Touristic businesses profit from the introduction of quality management. It leads to more satisfied guests, which provide more revenue in the long term and more success.

The three-level Quality Programme leads to the best service in your business and brings tangible benefits:


Access to the quality management for tourism

You will get access to a quality management programme, especially designed for touristic service providers and their specific needs. This programme works for small, medium and large businesses – it improves their competitiveness and success in the long term.


Straightforward means for quality control

You will acquire the basic knowledge of quality management (ISOTQMEFQM). At the same time you will gain practical skills on how to enhance quality in your own business and to initiate continuing upgrading processes.


Satisfied guests are a basis for sustainable success

In the Quality Programme, the quality of services is looked at from the guest’s perspective. Therefore, guests’ needs and wishes are at the core of every day work, which is the most important fact for professional hosts to be successful.


Actively involved employees are motivated

The Quality Programme involves employees from the start and thus enhances the team’s own initiative and its service orientation. And this systematically starts upgrading processes. This way, the Quality Programme contributes to motivating the employees so that they identify themselves more strongly with the company.


Guests can experience quality

You can use the quality abel as a marketing tool, which leads towards competitive advantages. This external effect is, however, only a side effect: Guests should be able to feel and sense the service oriented philosophy and the quality in the enterprise – not primarily perceive it via the symbol at the entrance.


I absolutely recommend the Quality Programme to other companies. With the optional modules, restaurants can refine their quality individually. Development in the Q Portal is also convenient since all the documents that have already been used can be accessed at any time.

Linde Oberstrasse, Miguel Benitez