Two panels are responsible for the operational management, the definition of the criteria, the dealing with problem cases and the development of the classification system.

Special group for holiday apartment and guest room classification

The special group is selected by the STF Board in relation to the quality seal for holiday apartment and guest room classification. The STF determines the quota of representatives for a particular region based on the number of regionally classified properties. The Conference of Regional Tourism Directors in Switzerland then distributes these seats among its partners. The special group acts within the framework of the strategy defined by the Board. The special group has the following responsibilities and authorities:

  • Definition/revision of criteria
  • Review of policies and regulations
  • Analysis of development trends, general conditions
  • Preparation and discussion of special projects
  • Definition of contents for continuing education and training of inspectors
  • Handling of complaints/appeals on the part of lessors/owners (criteria, assessment)

For purposes of adopting the criteria and regulations, the special group has a right of petition to the STF Board, which is exercised by the STF office. 

Task forces: Fewo task force

In addition to the special group, task forces may be temporarily established. Every task force is responsible for a specific type of classified accommodation (holiday apartments, guest rooms, etc.). Every region represented in the special group designates a delegate for the “Fewo Task Force” which constitutes the main task force. The representatives in the other task forces are selected based on their know-how. External partners may be included in the task forces, but they will not be given a seat in the special group. The number of members per task force is limited. 

Seat distribution